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Samuel Roach

By admin

UX in India: Chennai and Bangalore

On 02, Jan 2016 | In Process, Samuel Roach, Technology, UX | By admin

Just returned for a UX consulting visit for my client Fidelity Investments. My 2 week trip included  Chennai, Bangalore and Dubai. The mission was to help start up 2 teams that would be working on one of the largest redesign project in Fidelity, STE (Service Transaction Enablement). Slated for 3 years, this project will be working to redesign and make responsive (mobile) the 180 service transactions on the site.

My job included interviewing for a new IA position that would work with my other teams in Boston, and Jersey City, as well as kicking off Sprint 0 with my 4th team in Bangalore.

Since my return, I have not had a moment to write down my thoughts on the trip, but plan on documenting my travels in a future post.


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