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IndyCar Race Control IndyCar Race Control IndyCar Race Control IndyCar Race Control

On 25, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

IndyCar Race Control

Designed, developed and provided strategic solutions 
for IRL Race Control, creating IRL’s real-time video 
and telemetry web application. Indy 500 First Launch

8980 Peak Concurrent Users

37,000 Streams

+17,000 New/Unique IndyCar Nation sign ups

Here are some application details:

Race & in-car video
During an Indy car race live video and in-car video are encoded and redistributed from a
Flash Video CDN. Each video stream is encoded at multiple sizes. The Indy Race Control
Flex client is given information on which cars have in-car video and which is the main
video feed. The client allows any of the in-car videos to be switch from the small viewer
to the main viewer.

Real-time race car telemetry
Each car’s live telemetry data is acquired by a cluster of Wowza servers. The Indy Race
Control Flex client connects to a Wowza server via a load balanced cluster living on
Amazon EC2. After connecting the client receives real-time race car telemetry data.
The Morphic Group create a Wowza based application that can scale to multiple
thousands of simulations clients.

Video Statistics
Conviva’s LivePass gives Indy Racing the ability to view real-time statistics of video
streams being watched with the Indy Race Control.
Indy Racing Control Flex Client
The user interface was created by The Morphic Group using Adobe Flex. This Flex based
client provides the race fan with a huge amount of information displayed in friendly
and useful way. The user can customize the application to meet their needs. Specific
drivers and/or videos can be selected, and these custom layous can be saved.

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